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Student Support Specialist - job post


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Note: while this is a non-paid, volunteer role, it can provide you with valuable experience for your resume and references from our organization if you are successful.

The Educational Equality Institute, an NGO based in Norway committed to educating and thereby empowering disadvantaged girls.

In response to the war in Ukraine, we started the project: “Together for Ukraine”.

Free educational programs where we, together with our partners, will help 100,000 Ukrainians shape their future through education, upskilling, and employment.

We are looking for a Student Support Specialist to help us manage and coordinate students in the language course program.

Role Scope

  • Organize and maintain a database of student records, ensuring that records are complete and up-to-date.
  • Create classes on the platform for teachers and students.
  • Follow up on teachers and students to ensure that they are meeting program requirements and addressing any concerns or issues.
  • Collect and assess feedback from teachers and students to ensure program effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Support with administrative tasks, including filing, data entry, and document preparation.


  • Experience in coordination, onboarding, training, or human resources.
  • Experience working with students in an educational or counseling setting is a plus.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Willingness to identify opportunities to automate and streamline processes, and implement tools and software to make workflows more efficient.
  • Experience in a multicultural team is an advantage.

At TEEI, we offer a range of exciting opportunities for volunteers to make a real impact.
As a volunteer, you can expect:

  • Remote and flexible scheduling: We only require a minimum of 6 hours of work per week, and you can choose when to work based on your schedule and availability.
  • The chance to join a highly motivated multinational team: You'll work alongside other passionate individuals from around the world, all dedicated to making a positive difference in Ukraine.
  • The opportunity to influence the daily lives and future of Ukrainians: By contributing to TEEI's projects, you'll be helping to shape the future of Ukraine and make a tangible impact on the lives of its people.
  • Creative freedom and the ability to acquire new skills: We encourage our volunteers to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges we face. As a result, you'll have the opportunity to develop new skills and broaden your experience in a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • Great networking and educational opportunities: By working with TEEI, you'll have the chance to connect with other professionals in your field and learn from their experiences and expertise.
  • Job meaningfulness and tangible results: Above all, volunteering with TEEI is a chance to make a meaningful difference in the world and see the tangible results of your efforts.

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