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Shift Leader Instrumentation - job post

IKM Gruppen AS
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Full stillingsbeskrivelse

The Shift Leader Instrumentation will assist the Chief Instrumentation in the management of the vessel seismic instrumentation, Node Deployment System, the Node Storage & Handling System and back deck operations according to the standards established by the company and those required of the industry and / or our customers and will act as deputy for the Chief Instrumentation when required. The Shift Leader Instrumentation is responsible for organizing the activities of the Instrument Technician on his shift, ensuring best practice, and that procedures and EHSQ requirements are followed and survey objectives for the department are met during this period.

Main Responsibilities:

PXGEO's OBN seismic operations take place in very variable environments (different seas, areas, seasons, vessels, equipment, client's requirements, and different resources). This position must be able to cope with these environments to do the tasks described below:

  • Ensures maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment.
  • Advises/assists the Chief Instrumentation or QC in survey planning, survey contract management, crisis management.
  • Supervises and runs back-deck operations, including but not exclusively:
    • All NSS Containers and external systems
    • Deployment and Recovery Operations
    • Digest system
    • Mechanical Maintenance (Under direction of the Chief Mech)
  • Proposes equipment and process improvement.
  • Is fully aware of hazards and risks within his area of responsibility and other tasks under his control.
  • Participates in the vessel performance review.
  • Ensures that the Instrumentation team on shift is properly trained managed and coached for its assigned tasks.
  • Ensures that the Instrumentation team on shift works safely, is adequately supervised and following procedures validated by the EHSQ Department
  • Ensuring inventory for equipment and spares is maintained daily.
  • Ensures the accuracy of the department logs.
  • Manages, operates and maintains:
    • Digest system; Node Handling Automation systems with ancillary equipment; and other electrical systems.
    • Trains and ensures the application of the maintenance management system.
    • Proper equipment maintenance based on supplier manuals, office recommendations and best practices.
    • Recording of maintenance tasks into the maintenance logging system.
    • Monitoring of maintenance indicators and set-up of corrective actions.
    • Requests for external assistance, when necessary, based on technical analysis and specification of needs, through the fault reporting system or the shipyard work list.
    • Stock management, anticipation of needs, requisitions through the purchasing system, tracking and reception of shipments.
  • Validates that seismic acquisition is compliant with Company-defined technical standards, procedures, and contractual requirements.
  • Following Company technical and EHSQ policies implementing Working Instructions and procedures.
  • Provides information to the client about seismic acquisition issues upon request via the Chief Instrumentation.
  • Requests external resources (Technical Support, local vendors) when necessary, via the Chief Instrumentation.
  • Trains and ensures the application of the departmental aspects of the EHSQ system (meetings, reporting, drills, audits, etc.)
  • Is to be familiar with the use of Corporate Software.


  • Degree in Electronics, mechatronics/automation, computer science or similar / Combination of education and relevant experience in Geophysics or Electronics.
  • A thorough understanding of the GeoSpace and MANTA Nodes and their specifications.
  • Observer with 3+ years' experience on a Manta Crew
  • Thorough knowledge of operating Digest, including creating reports, testing nodes, preparing nodes for deployment and recovery.
  • Good understanding of operating the NSS system, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting the system.
  • Auxiliary Equipment: Radios UHF, wattmeter, radio Modem, Hydrophone or geophone tester (Sercel, I/O sensor), Oscilloscopes.
  • Knowledge in computers, workstations, network, radios and electricity is essential.
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