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Online Media Content Manager, NATO-JWC - job post

Yorktown Systems Group
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Job Description:


Yorktown Systems Group is seeking a qualified Online Media Content Manager to support NATO’s Joint Warfare Center’s (JWC) high priority exercises. JWC’s mission is to deliver high value exercises to NATO Command Structure and Force Structure entities and organizations in accordance with direction and guidance received from Allied Command Transformation (ACT) as well as SACEUR’s Annual Guidance for Exercise (SAGE) and the Military Training Evaluation Plan (MTEP). JWC employs a matrix-management organizational structure with staff Directorates and Divisions comprising the vertical component, and multi-year Exercise programs, led by Program Directors, providing the lateral component. By managing the multi-year Exercise programs, the Program Directors coordinate JWC’s contribution and support to NATO’s exercise and training program. the provider will be required to develop, produce, deliver, and archive new settings and scenarios, and update / review and deliver existing settings and scenarios, to include necessary consultation that complement and support the work carried out by JWC’s Scenario Branch. The ambition is to leverage professional, forward-thinking Provider(s) with the ability to bring creativity, novel design thinking and industry best practices to JWC’s business functions of designing, developing, and delivering exercise settings and scenarios, as well as directly supporting the delivery of NATO’s Major Joint Exercise Program.

The Online Media Content Manager directly supports the media simulation mission by creating and managing all online and strategic social media content based on daily D&G from Chief, Media. This is a leadership position requiring oversight of up to 20 Media Simulation role-players and social media scripters.

Specific duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyze exercise and scenario documentation to determine specific online media requirements to support exercise media play.
  • Identify and develop simulated mainstream and OPFOR media outlets and journalists to support Chief Media's plan for the exercise media landscape including background data, biographical data, metadata and logos.
  • Identify media content requirements against scenario documents, including Road to Crisis, CSUs, OPFOR Campaign Plan, TA plans, strategic documentation and other sources as necessary.
  • Script online and social media content for each outlet/journalist as required by Chief Media’s exercise content plan.
  • Collaborate with Chief Media and OPFOR StratCom to develop analytics plan to supplement online content in support of TA processes.
  • Develop and update Strategic Narrative Alignment Plan (SNAP) matrix to ensure all EXCON stakeholder and influencer narratives are synchronized.
  • Support Incident Development Conference to ensure wide understanding of media implications within events, incidents, storylines and themes and identify opportunities for information effects to further develop during scripting.
  • Support MEL/MIL Scripting Conference, translating guidance from Media and OPFOR into a deliverable plan and overseeing design of online content framework across all events.
  • Oversee online media script development and ensure OPFOR and mainstream media effects are designed in accordance with the media lifecycle and in line with the Media and OPFOR exercise plans.
  • Draft online news media content and copy edit submitted online content from others to ensure it is delivered in accordance with established standards for NewsWeb distribution.
  • Provide guidance to online scripters.
  • Prior to STARTEX, review JEMM database to ensure media framework for each storyline is complete and in line with established standards for NewsWeb distribution with appropriate social media support.
  • Update analytics package with expected sentiment estimates and make adjustments as required and in line with Chief Media’s guidance, and post analytics periodically throughout exercise according to agreed schedule.
  • Manage media content in JEMM to ensure it is prepared in due course, posted to scheduled deadlines, and updated to accommodate dynamic changes.
  • ICCW Media Inject Manager, post content from JEMM onto NewsWeb and Chatter; add imagery, memes, and other graphics as required.
  • Take regular guidance from Chief Media and OPFOR team on dynamic changes and translate guidance into timely media content.
  • Coordinate as required with other subject matter experts from CAX, Intel, HICON, LOCON, and others necessary to ensure media content is accurate and relevant.
  • Collaborate daily with Chief Media to develop/adjust strategic hashtags, troll and botnet activity as required to support upcoming exercise play.
  • Provide daily and continuing guidance to media role players and scripters to ensure dynamic changes are reflected in online and social media content.
  • Provide daily analytics and feedback to Chief Media on exercise media content production and consumption.
  • Role-play as journalist when required, attending press conferences and conducting interviews.
  • Attend/chair meetings as required to include boards, working groups, cell coordination, and Crisis Action Teams.

Required Qualifications:

  • Higher Education/Degree equivalent to the master's level in a communication related field plus 4 years relevant experience or a university bachelor's degree in a communication related field plus 8 years relevant experience.
  • Four (4) years’ (in last 10 years) of military StratCom experience (as a service member or civilian) including media relations work.
  • Journalism and/or academic writing experience within past 8 years for real-world and/or military exercise publications indicating understanding of journalism standards and practices including adherence to Associated Press or similar style guidelines.
  • Advanced working knowledge of Joint Exercise Management Module (JEMM) or a similar database management system including the ability to export content to MS Office to produce pivot tables and analytics.
  • Working knowledge and experience in NATO military operational processes and exercises.
  • Understanding of current military strategic communications practices and policies.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Candidate must provide a link to an online portfolio containing: 5 examples of journalism and/or published academic work.
  • Current NATO Secret Security Clearance.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English as defined in STANAG 6001 (Standardized Linguistic Profile (SLP) 4444 – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) or equivalent.

Clearance: Must possess an active NATO or U.S. SECRET or higher security clearance.

Location: NATO Joint Warfare Center, Stavanger, Norway

Travel: CONUS and OCONUS travel may be required.

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