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Héctor Food & Fiesta
4.8 out of 5
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Full stillingsbeskrivelse

Héctor Food & Fiesta is looking for a Host to take responsibility for bookings, communications, putting bums on seats and smiles on faces!

Héctor was built from the love of Mexican / Californian fusion food and drink, from soaking up the sun in Cancun and from partying through the night on a beach in Acapulco. We love the vibrant colours, exciting flavours and the FUN.

Where's the FUN gone in life? Why couldn't we have that here? Surely, we deserve it?! Haven't the great people of Trondheim done enough to earn it? A little fun is all we ask!! That and a little fiesta maybe...ok a BIG fiesta...with incredible food, amazing drinks... music, parties, outside eating on hot days, late nights on the balcony watching the sun go down (yes we get sun here too...sometimes!), laughing with friends... you get the idea right?

That was the dream. So, we made it come true and built Héctor.

What's The Role?

Being a host at Héctor isn't just about greeting and seating...

  • Our hosts work with the booking system and emails to communicate directly with guests, meeting their needs and making sure the bookings are optimal for each service.
  • They understand the flow of the restaurant, the team's capabilities and make on-the-spot changes so that the guests and staff have the best possible experience.
  • They don't just hang in the door, but go and mingle with the guests and the team, being a part of the action and face for guests and staff to reach out to if they have any needs.
  • They work closely with management and are seen as a key member of the Front of House team (ideally with dreams of stepping further into leadership).
  • They will be working predominantly in the door, but are also skilled enough to hold a section when needed or act as a Manager on Duty in a floating role.

What're We Looking For?

We are looking for people who can contribute to a happy, healthy environment and have these attributes...

  • Good experience working in the Front of House in restaurants, with previous hosting experience a HUGE plus.
  • Can communicate effectively with guests through our email & booking system.
  • Understand how to prioritise and manage their own workload (mostly balancing admin with service)
  • Can work predominantly nights and weekends.
  • Great social skills.
  • Can work at a high tempo for the whole shift.
  • Take initiative and deal with in-service challenges.
  • Is 20+ years old (Legal age to serve alcohol).
  • Is ready to work, with a visa, national ID number and bank account.

Why Héctor?

At Héctor we focus on having a team that is highly skilled and that doesn't only like their job but also likes each other, loves to be social and works towards having the best work environment possible.

So, here's what we offer our team:

  • A fun environment, training and development.
  • An exciting, growing concept.
  • A high-tempo and high-energy work day.
  • A leader team that focuses on creating a fair, supportive workplace that is never boring.
  • A full, fair compensation package.
  • A company with a vision, experience in the industry and a desire to grow and expand the concept.
  • An open door into the next steps of leadership.

If this sounds like a match made in Mexico then go ahead and apply!

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