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back end developer jobber i Oslo

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Senior Back-End Developer - job post

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Shape the future with our DevOps Teams!

Senior Back-End Developer

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Senior Back-End Developer opportunity at the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir)

Are you an expert software engineer eager to drive change in the public sector? The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir) is on the lookout for Senior Back-End Developers to enrich our DevOps team, particularly within the Altinn ecosystem.

In your role as a Senior Back-End Developer at Digdir, you'll be part of a vibrant ecosystem that includes teams like Altinn Studio, who supports self-service development in Altinn 3 – from its creation, configuration, development, testing, and deployment for service developers and service owners; Access Management and Control, focusing on comprehensive access strategies in Altinn platforms; and, dedicated to simplifying real-time data sharing between businesses.

These teams, among many other fascinating products within our ecosystem, offer plenty of opportunities to work on meaningful projects that directly contribute to society. This dynamic environment promises innovation, impact, and the chance to be at the forefront of digital transformation in the public sector.

About the role:

  • As a Senior Back-End Developer, you will:
  • Collaborate with passionate colleagues focused on code quality, professional discussions, and delivering exceptional products.
  • Contribute to Altinn platform and its echosystems, affecting the lives of millions in Norway.
  • Utilize a modern open source tech stack and evolving architectures in an interdisciplinary DevOps team, driving your product's direction.
  • Leading development efforts, mentoring juniors, driving code quality and system scalability.

We are seeking someone with:

  • 3+ years of work experience in back-end software development.
  • A deep understanding of microservices and event-driven architecture.
  • Extensive experience with .Net 8, C#, complemented by proficiency in Kubernetes, Docker, and cutting-edge cloud services on Azure topped with Github Actions for automation.
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and architecting critical systems with high volumes, leveraging tools like Terraform and contributing to open-source projects.
  • Bachelor or Master degree in IT or other relevant education degrees. Relevant work experience can compensate for educational requirements.

In addition to technical knowledge, we are looking for individuals who:

  • Have the ability and willingness to learn, share knowledge, and experience.
  • Are willing to take initiative where needed and not be afraid to get involved in hands-on work.
  • Possess a desire to understand the broader context and contribute to professional discussions.
  • Exhibit a positive and collaborative attitude.
  • Aim to contribute value to society.

  • The position requires that you can be authorized for LIMITED according to the provisions in the Norwegian security law.

Beyond technical expertise

At Digdir our strength lies not only in our technical capabilities but also in our team's diverse talents, perspectives, and the shared commitment to our mission. As we continue to evolve the Altinn Ecosystem, we're seeking individuals who bring more than just technical knowledge to the table.

The qualities we value:

  • Eagerness to learn and share: You have an insatiable curiosity to acquire new knowledge and are just as eager to share insights and lessons with your teammates.
  • Initiative and hands-on engagement: You do not wait for directions but proactively seek out areas where you can make an impact, demonstrating a readiness to dive into hands-on work whenever necessary.
  • Broader perspective: Your interest goes beyond the confines of code. You seek to understand the wider context of your work, contributing meaningfully to professional discussions and decisions.
  • Positive collaboration: You are known for your positive outlook and ability to work collaboratively, fostering an environment of support, innovation, and shared success.
  • Societal impact: Your work is more than a job; it's a contribution to society. You're driven by the desire to make a difference, leveraging technology to improve public digital services.

Why work at Digdir?

  • Permanent position: Engage in a role as an advisor or senior advisor, with competitive terms according to Digdir's salary policy.
  • Professional development: Embrace the opportunity for growth within your field.
  • Work-life balance: Enjoy flexible working hours, family-friendly policies, and the possibility for physical activity during work hours.
  • Benefits: Benefit from membership in Statens pensjonskasse, offering excellent pension schemes, favorable home loans, and comprehensive insurance policies.
  • Collaborative environment: Thrive in a workplace that values informal interaction, teamwork, and a shared ambition to achieve.
  • Dynamic field: Engage with tasks in a rapidly evolving domain, driven by a significant social mission.
  • Location: Our offices are situated in Oslo, Brønnøysund and Leikanger offering a unique blend of professional opportunity and lifestyle.

Do you want to move to Brønnøysund?

Moving costs can be covered by agreement. When moving to Brønnøysund, rent can be covered for the first six months after starting the job. This is taxable income.

Read more about this and other benefits on our website:

Read more about the benefits of working in the public sector at Arbeidsgiverportalen. Arbeidsgiverportalen.

Inclusive working life and diversity

We champion diversity as a cornerstone of a vibrant work environment, urging all qualified candidates to apply. Our goal is to assemble a team with varied skills, experiences, and perspectives to enhance our problem-solving capabilities. We prioritize matching the right competencies to the right roles and are committed to facilitating employment for persons with disabilities.

Contact us

This position reports to Roberto Carrera, our Head of Section Development. For more details about this position, please reach out to Roberto at:

phone: +4798606960.

Diplomas and certificates must accompany the application. We ask that you retrieve diplomas from the Diploma Portal directly in Jobbnorge when applying for the position. If you have taken all or part of your education abroad, we ask for an authorized translation of papers and diplomas, and approval from NOKUT.

About Digdir

Digdir operates under the The Ministry of Digitalisation and Public Governance (Norwegian: Digitaliserings- og forvaltningsdepartementet), with around 360 employees across offices in Brønnøysund, Leikanger, and more. Our organization includes four professional departments, three staff and support departments, and The Authority for Universal Design of ICT, which plays a unique role. Our core values are reliability, inclusivity, and courage.

For more information, visit our website at

In compliance with the Public Administration Act § 25, candidate lists will be made public. Should you wish to remain off the public candidate list, justification is required. You will be notified if your information is to be made public despite such a request.

Questions about the position

Roberto Carrera

Head of Section Development


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Place of service

Lørenfaret 1C, 0580 Oslo
Skrivarvegen 2, 6863 Leikanger
Havnegata 48, 8900 Brønnøysund
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