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2nd line support engineer jobber i Bergen

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2nd Engineer job | Carnival Cruise Line - job post

Carnival Cruise Line
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Second Engineer job opportunity with Carnival Cruise Line.

OSM Thome Recruitment is looking for experienced 2nd Engineers for unique career opportunities in the cruise industry, on behalf of Carnival Cruise Line.

The Second Engineers play a vital part in the technical operations and consistently monitors, controls, and troubleshoots engine machinery equipment onboard.

OSM Thome invites all 2nd Engineers from around the world to apply for this exciting job!

Rotation: 4 months on / 2 months off.

Responsibilities and tasks for the Second Engineer job with Carnival Cruise Line:

  • Compliance with Engine Room Resource Management standards of the Company
  • Compliance with Environmental/Health and Safety Policies and procedures, MARPOL and SOLAS Policies
  • Compliance with all relevant flag states and classes as well as other applicable regulations
  • Carry out the Engine watch with particular attention to:
  • Main Engines functions and operation
  • Auxiliary Engines functions and operation (where applicable)
  • Power generation function and operations
  • Operation of all M/E and A/E ancillary equipment (where applicable)
  • Conditions of bilges and bilges tanks,
  • Piping integrity
  • Responsible for fulfilling and carrying out Environmental Compliance Plan
  • Responsible for maintenance and carrying out repairs (but not limited to) at:
  • Conditions of bilges and bilges tanks
  • Chemical analysis and treatment of boiler water, cooling water, A/C pre-heating, and re-heating water
  • Lifeboat, tender boats, rescue boats, and file rafts winches
  • Purification system
  • Lubrication system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Electric propulsion motors (where applicable)
  • Boiler and Steam Plant
  • HFO, MDO, LO purifiers maintenance, and consumption analysis calculations
  • Bunkering and manning of HFO, MDO, LO operations
  • HFO, Diesel, Oil and Sludge Transfer Pumps and related systems
  • Stabilizers, Thrusters, and AZIPOD systems
  • Steering gear and related system
  • Pitch propeller controls and Propeller shafts (where applicable)
  • Piping integrity
  • Economizer and ancillary equipment
  • Sooth blowing / Infrasonic system
  • Provide continuous supervision to systems in temporary operation
  • Ensure safety measures are implemented and functional
  • Participate in drills and training
  • Responsible for all watch monitoring data (sounding, counter, mass flow, grey and black water transfer log, etc.) recorded and filed as per SMS
  • Ensure that all machinery assigned are in working order and in compliance with carrying out Environmental, Health, and Safety procedures ensure maintenance is carried out at due intervals in accordance with planned maintenance and service requirements, and all related logs and records are updated
  • Compile Monthly Condition Report and update equipment technical cards of machinery assigned to him and his watch subordinate
  • Report any abnormal condition of the machinery assigned
  • Keeping up good communication and transparency between TMs within the Engine department
  • Any additional assignment at the discretion of Staff Chief Engineer or Chief Engineer

Qualifications and competence required for the job:

  • Work experience onboard CRUISE ship as 2nd Engineer is required
  • Second Engineer Officer COC - Motor & Steam - STCW Reg. III/2
  • Health certificate
  • Medical First Aid IMO 1.1 STCW A-VI/4-1
  • Covid 19 Certificate
  • US Visa C-1/D is preferred however not required at the time of application (the transit and crewmember VISA must be obtained before start date)

How to apply for the job as Second Engineer:

  • Register your profile with OSM Thome Recruitment tool on
  • Upload your English CV to OSM Thome. Please note that your CV must show experience, such as: companies, ship names, ranks, type of ship, joining dates and sign-off dates.
  • Please have your certificate, diploma and course documentation ready as you will be required to upload these during the application process.
  • OSM Thome Recruitment will share your information with Carnival Cruise Line which will handle the recruitment process.

Discover the rewards of being a Second Engineer at Carnival Cruise Line:

Working as a 2nd Engineer on board Carnival Cruise Line's magnificent ships comes with a host of enticing perks and benefits. Firstly, you'll have access to a complimentary gym, ensuring you can stay fit and healthy on board. Additionally, the Crew Welfare Program is designed to enhance your overall well-being and provide support when you need it. When it comes to travel, Carnival Cruise Line covers your flights to and from the ship, making your journey to embarkation hassle-free.

One of the most remarkable advantages is that you'll get paid to travel the world. Experience new cultures, explore exotic destinations, and broaden your horizons—all while earning a living. Moreover, working on our ships provides an excellent opportunity to build international connections. You'll collaborate with diverse crew members and interact with passengers from around the globe, fostering friendships and professional relationships that can last a lifetime. In summary, joining Carnival Cruise Line as a Second Engineer not only offers a fulfilling career but also a range of remarkable benefits that enrich your life both personally and professionally.

Are you eager to secure an exhilarating role as a Second Engineer on cruise ships? Choose FUN, and join the Carnival Crew! Discover incredible career opportunities as a 2nd Engineer on board Carnival Cruise Line's impressive fleet. Join the dedicated team and set sail on a journey to advance your maritime career. Don't miss out on this fantastic job opportunity – apply today to be a part of the Carnival Cruise Line family and embark on a rewarding career at sea! Your dream job as a Second Engineer awaits with Carnival Cruise Line. Apply now!

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