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    Charlie Scharf, CEO and President
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Wells Fargo Bank
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Operating Systems Engineer i Full-time telecommuter since 2014
25 september 2018
Poor work environment
I have been laid off twice at Wells Fargo. The first time was in 2004 as part of workforce reduction. The second time to eliminate my position. In each case, it wasn't due to performance or job functionality. I was denied a promotion to OSE 5 due to management policy, not performance. I was also demoted because I opted into a salary lawsuit against the company. It took two years just to get promoted to OSE 4, even though I was doing OSE 5 work. I was not compensated for on call support, nor was I compensated for extra hours (weekends and evenings) that I spent supporting the technical environment. I was given tasks to do without any training. Even when I asked for it, I was ignored and had to learn on-the-job. I was pigeon-holed into certain tasks and was not given opportunities to learn other skills. Management didn't care about me and never intended to find me another job when they knew my current job was being eliminated.

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