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some what fun and long hard days

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long and stressful days but the pay was good and some the people I worked with made the work more fun to deal with the hardest part was dealing with the weather
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Morally corrupt company with no concern for employees

Broken/not enough equipment to be able to safely complete your job yet you're expected to do it anyway. Flat 2% "inflation" raise anually is all you'll ever get, unless minimum wage goes up in you're area, in which case your hours will be cut so you'll be making even less than before the raise. They've slowly gotten rid of almost all of the bonuses and are now on track to get rid of the last remaining monetary bonus. Laziness is rewarded or ignored while hard workers get pushed even harder and farther to the breaking point. Constant "restructuring" to cut wage expenses means that no position is safe here.. cashier's? Theyll replace you with self checkout.. Manager? We're cutting half those positions and leaving the remaining with far too many responsibilities that no one can handle all at once, setting them and everyone under them up for failure. Stocker? Oh We're cutting half those jobs too so the remaining employees must do 2x-3x the work with no pay raise. This company WILL ruin your mental health, it's just a matter of how long it takes. If you value yourself at all, do not get a job here.


None whatsoever


Absolutely everything
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