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Walmart is for the gays

Walmart treats their employees unfairly. They cut hours (30-34) for full time employees and then hire temps to do their job. They do not supply required equipment to employees, but instead give equipment to the temps. They also change the rules by the hour. You have several managers all at once telling you to get things done right away. They find any excuse possible to use your PTO. They also charge employees their PTO time when the store is closed for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Management is horrible at Middleburg, FL store. All employees are overworked and unhappy.
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Alright for a easy job

Nothing too special. About what you would expect from Walmart. Day to day task all super repetitive. No one really tries that hard, so if you ever need to get something done quickly good luck.




Everything Else
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Ambiente de trabajo bajo presión y no muy equilibrado

Es buena empresa, en las condiciones laborales a veces el equipo para realizar el trabajo deja mucho que desear para mejorar, respetan salarios y horarios, pero se tiene favoritos para los ascensos


Cumplen con las prestaciones de ley


Los bonos cambian mucho según la sucursal dónde trabajas
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Samme sted

Used to be good, but profits won

I've worked there 12 years And management, corporate used to care. Now they don't. They advertise pay raises woo hoo, but they don't tell them that we lost shift difrential for Sundays, less pto and no longer get a bonus. Without notice our discount is covering less. We're also only allowed 5 call offs and tardy is half a day. Etc. Oh and raise used to be 40 cents a year now two percent


My work family


See above.
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Still et spørsmål om å jobbe eller intervjue hos Walmart. Nettverket vårt er klar til å svare.Still et spørsmål


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