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Productive workplace

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Great working environment, stressful at times. Great benefits offered by Tesla. Opportunities endless for advancement. Great management and upper management
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It’s ok

Could be better if your looking for a job that’s going to make you work extremely hard with okay pay then I would say go for it but work life balance isn’t good
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Ok place to work

Days are long, and work is boring. The benefits are ok, but the pay is subpar. Will probably need a second job to make ends meet. When trying to move up have to compete with entire company.
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Benefits make Tesla tolerable

-Management is inconsistent in asks-Lack of metrics -Performance reviews are subjective more than objective -No clear path for growth -For the scale of the company, a lot of departments still have a start up feel


Stock, Co workers, Schedule, Benefits


Management, Elon, High Turn Over, Lack of Career Growth
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Excelente ambiente laboral, administración y logística de la empresa también, jefes con excelente trato
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Nepotism environment where the click leans on you but doesn't back you up.

When your subordinates are disrespectful toward you but you are forced to work with them and they are not reprimanded for it. It creates a hostile workplace for everyone. Long hours for no appreciation but of the paycheck. You'll be told to do more than allowed then thrown to the wolves for it and reprimanded.


Free lunch, plenty of overtime, good hotel accomodations


Too much overtime, no home time, poor attitudes, lack of strive to do better, managers don't manage they lean on others but won't support the ones leant on
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Good money, fast changes

Tesla energy is a good opportunity to make money, with good benefits. Most shops are disorganized, and many things change every two weeks. Lots of ups and downs, ride the solar coaster.
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Decent starting pay but no work/life balance

Production is very fast paced and requires a lot of work. Breaks - At one point they were 15 minutes and you could actually sit down for a few. Then they decreased to 10 minutes, which is enough to walk to the bathroom and get back to work.. That extra little bit of rest helps on 12 hour shifts.There was much favoritism.It is a good job if you want to go make some decent money starting out, but as far as promotions and raises go, that can be hit or miss. Advice to new hires - make the right friends.Advice to management - reward/recognize actual hard working employeesThis review is for production, not for the rest of the company.




Short breaks; no time to eat the cereal
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CAN BE FUN, BUT…. Sometimes a Toxic Workplace

Management is horrible, but the other employees sometimes make it manageable depending on the person you’re talking to. Lots of snakes, and over-achievers that think they are always better than the next person.There is a lot of work that can be shoved onto a person that works for this location from my experience. However, there are many opportunities for growth here which can be personal growth to profession/career growth depending on how far you take it. Negativity spreads like wildfire, steer clear of that if you search for success here. Sick time and personal time is totally unfair but is rather vital to comply with because they do NOT hesitate to use a point system against you which can result in termination.3/5 Stars for sure.
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Great company and benefits. I miss working here.

Leaving my previous employer to work for Tesla in San Bernardino was a wise decision on my part. I learned so much during my time there, and it was great for my professional development. The hours were good, the benefits and compensation were excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed the team I worked with. Before working here I had never been excited to show up to work, though that became the norm during my time at Tesla. They assembled a great team of capable individuals that were a joy to be around - and it never felt like 'work'. We all had a mission and we got it done while having fun at the same time. There is a great workplace culture inside Tesla, there is room for rapid advancement, and your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Tesla is a great place to work - I only wish I had started earlier.
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Productive and fun, but you are basically just a sales person.

It's a good place to work, if your only there to work. Don't work there thinking you'll make friends. The culture is okay. Not the best, can make decent pay.
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Long hours but meaningful work.

If you are looking for great work life balance Tesla is not for you. If you need to be cuddled or made to feel good constantly Tesla is not for you. Want to do exciting things at a fast pace, Tesla may be for you. Want to work long hours but learn at a fast pace Tesla may be for you. Want to change the world of cars, Tesla is for you.
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Fast paste

The pay is very good and offer benefits on the 1st day your constantly moving and always kept busy Tesla is one the best work place everyone is nice and friendly
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Fun Place!

They really care about you. Elon is great. I love Tesla. Lots of benefits. Pretty easy on the business side. Tesla stock is nice. Highly recommend! Rigorous interview process though.
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It was a good company to work for when I started!!!

This company has come down as far a caring of their employees! Unfortunately employees are not taking care of.The company overworked people till there is no more energy!! If you try to move up in position your seniority doesn’t matter, and they want to cut your pay.
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Good Place

Great company, we can learn many skills, Smart people, great benefits. We work with geniuses - in every department. I love the company and mission. fun work environment.
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You will understand what everyone says about this place once you start working there . Other than that it’s just a really cool place to work at most .
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Not as good as they seem to be

Tesla appears to be a big company with advanced technology leading the industry, but they are quite broken inside. The benefits aren't that good and management can be difficult to deal with.
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Nice people, energetic place

Can vary a lot depending on position and factory, but interns have a pretty good deal, especially grad student interns. Lots of great employees and opportunities.
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Hard work but satisfying

Like all jobs it has its pros and cons. Some pros are definitely the benefits, they provide tools and safety equipment needed, and the pay is pretty solid. Some cons are long hrs, management is a bit chaotic, and sometimes make the work harder than it has to be but overall I enjoy it.
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You go in work and go home. Very repetitive.

Not a very challenging job but gets very repetitive. Many days you go in and you just do the work without really thinking. It is a good entry job but not really lots of growth within the company.
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