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Fun but stressful work place

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It's I fun job if you go in not stressed and look past all the bullcrap, but I will say, management is not the best and it can be unorganized at times. Hourly pay us not the best, but add the tips it's pretty great! Just have to have really great customer service.
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do not work here. I have seen dogs treated better

prospect is a horrid company, there management communication is nonexistent and unless you reach the level of supervisor no one in higher management will call you anything other than "psa". I was offered a promotion within 4 days of working and denied it because I did not have a grasp of the airport. yet, it was offered because they have one of the highest turnover rates I have ever seen. you will get hired yes, and the pay is nice, but if you work there for more than 3 weeks you will legitimately be one of the longest lasting employees. If you want to work mandatory 10-hour shifts where management wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire, then this is a fantastic job. Also benefits that are promised in application prosses do not acrew until 6 months of working with the company. just don't work here.
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Productive and hard-working

Productive a lot of movement and hard-working people-There were struggles due to communication but we could always overcome.Teaches you a lot of skills that deal with communication and interaction with others.
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It’s just a job go in and get out

The pay was decent but this company will fire you for any little thing all they care about if you can do the job and if you can’t you are no good to them like I said any little thing you are gone
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Did not like it management sucksThey don’t care about their employees everything in the airport is high is high end it’s too much traffic in herAlso you have to work overtime and you won’t know until last minute


No free lunch


Short breaks
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Can work full time or part time there

Management could be a little better. They don't like giving out overtime or the pay with it. The hours/ days of your shift can change anytime the manager wants you to.
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The company is under staffed an poor management

The company is poorly trained and unprofessional the vans which to use for transportation to planes are without air has trash also dirty seats the managers are very rude the pay is horrible you pay taxes twice the state an also the company not to mention union fees you are forced to do overtime even though the other shift has come in the break room is dirty over all the company needs new management and vans and equipment
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Awful company. They expect you to do the work of 8+ people, while only paying you $12 an hour. The management is completely terrible. They will promote anyone to Supervisor on Day 1. You don't even have to speak English, so trying to communicate with coworkers is hard enough. Company does not care about you at all. Major favoritism within the company. Many of the people come from the Middle East, so those that are from the same country or similar get treated better than everyone else. Company also has no benefits. Not worth working here unless you have no other choice. Would not recommend.
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Terrible Place to work

They have no flexibility or understanding when it comes to scheduling. You can’t change your schedule around whatsoever. The benefits are also terrible. Management is very unprofessional and can be rude at times. You don’t get paid enough. I would not recommend working here.
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Stressful but can be fun if you make it

It's mostly teens working, Management is not very good and they will not help you. Pay can be good and so can tip but you will have to pay for parking. the uniform is needed. Not a lifetime career choice.
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Horrible company

Horrible to work for they are very unprofessional. This job is for teenagers they don’t pay enough for pushing people up to 300+ ibs. The tips can be good just depends on who you are pushing.
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Yes you make tips but they take them out of you're checks

You half to pay for parking, uniform essentials And only make 11 an hr It's a good starter job if you have money to travel and pay for everything you will need for the job The people are great they are willing to help if you need anything amazing bosses.
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So far so good

So far so good. Training was easy and the days off are perfect for me and my family can’t the pay is universal minimum wage so that’s a plus can’t wait to see where the company takes me in the future
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They show hella favoritism they fire you for ANYTHING even a misunderstanding everyone is power hungry and unprofessional our old break room was disgusting there were bed bugs and maggots in the refrigerator the vans also have bed bugs the vans are old messed up seats they smell bad and most of them are missing rows of seats you’re not allowed to nap on break which is stupid
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Worst job you can have

This work place has no structure is very drama filled and operates like a high school. This job has bed bugs in their old dirty vans. The pay does not amount to the physical labor you have to endure.
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Don’t work here, look for an employer who cares

Management on the floor and in the office suck, they over work you and under pay you by ALOT. No appreciation from any higher ups towards the little guys who DO ALL the work.
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Extremely Understaffed and Due to That, Hardworking Employees Suffer

Practically everyday employees are required to complete up to 2 hours mandatory overtime (which they were very bad about informing employees on the actual length until about midway through a shift) to make up for them being understaffed. They entice people to accept the fairly low pay of $12.50/hr for PSAs telling them that you will receive lots of tips (about $100+ a day). However, in my time as a PSA (taking as many calls as possible throughout my shift), I averaged about $50 in tips on a good day. The management at the Charlotte location in particular is terrible with little to no communication between them and employees. Most supervisors were hired off the street with little to no knowledge about the job. The dispatch office is also less than competent because they are always assigning overlapping calls and/or more than 2 passengers to an employee at a time. (Most employees can double-push wheelchair assistance passengers, but it is physically impossible to push 3+ passengers at once.) The company may have a decent amount of employees, but that is with about 30% of the employees doing 90% of the work. Although it was nice to have independence in my working day, the only thing they did to get people to work was send a message on the message board telling "ALL EMPLOYEES" that we can't just sit around and not work (with little to no actual enforcing of those rules). It was a difficult job occasionally pushing very heavy people and walking all day, but overall I have little complaints about the actual customers. They were kind and patient, even if they didn't tip very well.


Independence, good exercise, meet wide variety of people from different backgrounds


Terrible work-life balance, bad communication from management, very little training, inexperienced supervisors
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Such a Terrible Management

When I started everything was so smooth. As time went on things started getting tough due to so terrible management. They do things based on their will not yours. You are being forced to do overtimes at work. You be getting unnecessary points when your call out or even have an emergency.
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Great Job, but not for me

I overall loved the job and the customer service aspect, but there's a lot of physical labor involved and I have epilepsy. Due to me being epileptic and stress causing me seizures, it makes work harder, but even then almost none of my managers actually cared about that. I tried to still do mandatory overtime but I wasn't always able to, plus I had specific times I needed to take my medication. After a while I began having stress seizures from work and so I decided to quit


Employee discount in airport, 30 min breaks, breaks between flights


Shift managers ignored the disability I explicitly brought up before hire, mandatory overtime, physical labor that can be straining
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A must read !!

Job started good but as to continue to work here they surprise you more & more they are super unorganized the wheelchair attendants barley don’t their jobs so it’s always calling for extras & putting you in high areas so you don’t make no good tips The wage & tips are a lie you get paid literally the lowest out of all their positions just to be overly worked for passengers who can care less & tip you the minimum (it’s not their sole purpose to pay to work) but it’s the companies & it’s all a lie it sucks working here if you have a better idea or job in mind do that one instead cause that’s what I’m doing !
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Cabin Cleaner

I worked with Prospect in 2019 pre Pandemic and was not worth it. They paid 8.75 an hour and would often force ot on us. Wheelchair Service is better.
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