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Originating from a single store, Hunkemöller is now an international Omnichannel lingerie brand, a well-known name in 24 countries and the undisputed market leader in the lingerie industry in Northern Europe. In Germany we are the largest specialized chain. We are also experiencing continuous growth in Austria, Denmark, Spain, France and Sweden. Furthermore, – mer... the company was able to secure many industry awards.

We attach great importance to our employees and prepare them perfectly for their career at Hunkemöller. As a top employer we offer our employees continuous training on our online learning platform ! Our vision is one of the elements that contributed to receiving the award “Top Employers 2018 & 2019’ for the Netherlands. This certificate rewards great employers. With this award we are one of the 15 retailers in the world to receive this certificate. No need to say that we are very proud and very ambitious to keep this certificate for the long term.

Our vision is to make Hunkemöller the first choice for women in Europe with our whole focus being on designing our vision and strategy around our Shero.
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