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MANAGEMENT IS UNFIT AND UNREASONABLE but the hours are great. The job is great if it’s only you and when you have an efficient team. Most times they hire anyone and they do anything except their job !!
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It’s a job

It’s the most simplest job ever but you will do a lot of work. The cleaning is repetitive so you just have to find your own rhythm. My advice is to keep this job the best way you can because it’s simple but can be overwhelming at times. As long as you are doing what you were given at training and doing your best and holding onto integrity then you have a good chance of staying for awhile. You will always deal with difficult people but as long as you stay focused on why you are going for this job then you will be alright.
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it’s alright

east job, just make sure to be on time and fully dressed in uniform. focus on work and don’t get close to leads or supervisors, don’t really talk to anyone about anything
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The whole job

The whole job in management sucks and that’s including HR👌🏾 Don’t work here they’ll treat you like trash and they will fire you for something that have nothing to do with you and don’t really investigate they’ll just fire you so they don’t have too
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Managers horrible all they do is talk about you and laugh at you . Nobody ever knows anything always needs rules . I hate that job and the pay is bad
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Small amd easy to move up

If you show up and throw down, you have no place to go but up. Honestly one of the best places I've ever worked. People are always going to be people but the company is solid. Just wish they offered flight benifits.
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Stressful work place

G2 is a good company as far as pay and scheduling but if you are American it’s going to be hard for you foreigners are the only people that advance and has no disciplinary actions the favoritism is very apparent
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I was not informed this was a minimum wage job

The job was ver strenuous due to heavy passengers with little pay and nor great tips. Also different cultures so it would help to know different languages.


I met great people working there.


Too much favoritism from management
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Te ocupan como una maquina, las horas de trabajo no te dejan estudiar ni hacer otro trabajo, no vas a aprender ingles, todos hablan español vnxvcvvcbvc
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Terrible company

I would not work there if I were you very bad The company doesn’t care about you the management doesn’t care about you and they lie and not pay you what you’re actually supposed to get paid
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Stress full, not friendly and teamwork at all

This place is worse company they don't let you know what you going to do, hired as a customer service but i was doing ramp, and oversized. Coworker's are not friendly at all management is mean. Never recommend it. You don't feel that work at airport.
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Company greatly needs to work on communication, transparency, and care over its employees.

*Good pay and decent benefits but no direct deposit for awhile so you have to stand in line to pickup your papercheck. You are expected to perform 9 other job position's aside your own when needed and they are still adding to it. The van you need to operate to get the crews all around the airside of the airport has no a/c in the summer heat, some are missing side mirror's, other doors/mirrors are held together by tape or trash bags, and steering columns that have huge alignment issues makes these vans very unsafe to operate. The HR Manager is a super "Karen" who got upset at me for calling out of work even though they were all for valid reasons (sick, funeral, and some times my trainers were running behind (you van pool together for convenience and to learn the airport layout). Garage parking is not provided for and if you use them, you will very quickly rack up very high expenses. None of this is made known to you until you start your employment. Employees unable to carpool have to walk a very good distance and under any weather conditions just to reach the worksite. The Account Manager is a good person to work with and some of the Senior Operations Managers but 3 of the females are not because of very bad attitudes.
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Bcz of pay rate

Not easy to have PTO or days off requests at terminal one , I have no idea less employees or management’s issues Bt I still like it mostly nice people only reason is hard to have a vacation
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Productive and fast paced work place, great management

The hardest part of the job is getting extremely busy out of nowhere, other than that it’s an easy to do job. Staff and management are all kind and helpful. Everyone works together to make sure the job gets done right.


Easygoing, Friendly environment


No paid holidays off
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Not worth it

This company over works employees lack of communication little to no work life balance . Miami station management sucks there’s never cups for water, no plates , paper towel nothing. The amount of work and the amount of recognition don’t matxh
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I Got Covid working at the airport for only 3 days!!!!! HR insisted I come back even though I still had a fever. This company is unorganized, they are always hiring because of the high turnover rate.
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Don’t work here

The upper management is absolutely horrible HR is horrible they see you as just a number no break rooms constantly making you work 6 days a week do not work here
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Good people to work with. Some communication challenges.

Great company, management is supportive. High expectations but you are rewarded for quality work.. It can feel like there is a lack of planning at times.


Flexible schedule, management is supportive.


No planning, communication can lack at times. Lack of training
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I liked working with the passengers. Stayed busy. There was always something to do.

A typical day at work coming in and sitting for the briefing.Getting the assignment(s) for the dayWalking to your post and start working. A breaker normally comes around to give you, your breaks.I’ve been the breaker at times and if you are designated you give breaks all day all over the terminal.I learned a lot about airport security and just how an airport works.Hardest part of my job was standing at post when its slow. It gets boring.The most enjoyable part of the job is assisting passengers with getting to the correct gates, tagging luggage, and greeting each passenger.
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tips make it worth it though i guess. people are nice but management doesnt know what they’re doing at all. constantly changing schedules. prepare to have no life
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The best company I’ve worked

Enjoyed my time here coworkers can be a little messy at times but just keep away from that. Management was the sweetest an always treated me with respect. Pay is great just wish it was weekly overall great place to work.
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