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Makers of New

In a world of amazing discovery and innovation, we are the makers of the meaningfully new.

Like new kinds of nourishment for the world’s infants. And new ways to enable life-giving medical care.

For people who push their personal limits, we continually push our own.

Across the world, our science and engineering are connecting people and ideas, shaping technologies, and making an impact.

Everywhere you look, we are creating new ways to help families and businesses to thrive.

All of us, no matter the job we do, are in the business of new.

Because when you constantly open yourself up to new ways of working and new ways of thinking, you yourself become something very powerful.

That’s why we are making a new DuPont.

Get ready, for a future that’s wide open.


DuPont RightNow

For generations, we've brought the world transformative ideas and products.Today, we continue that tradition at the new DuPont with a renewed sense of urgency for the times in which we live. Through our science, our people and our communities, we pledge to constantly improve and innovate more sustainable ways of contributing. This is our commitment to our shared humanity and to helping every community thrive for generations to come. It’s time for generation n:ow.

Om DuPont

For more than 200 years, DuPont has been innovating around you, while continually reinventing itself to bring technology-driven solutions to our customers. Right now, we are focused on helping customers advance their best ideas and delivering specialized products and solutions to transform industries and everyday life. From helping electric cars charge – mer... 

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