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Enjoyable work place

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Fun place to work, everybody I have ever met has been very kind and easy going. I would reccomend this company to anybody looking for a new and exciting career.
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Good place to improve skills

I worked on service center team. It was a good experience. I learned how to use different systems and it helped me to improve my English skills. They should share more information about the company.
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Your experience depends GREATLY on the client being served

CBRE has the potential to truly be one of the best employers out there. Unfortunately, and not necessarily unexpectedly, the client is king and if they have terrible policies and practices and personnel you will be subject to that same environment and culture. CBRE adopts the clients' postures. Consequently, the opposite likely holds true. Can you guess which one I was subject to?Additionally, some CBRE managers are far too aggressive and cutthroat when it comes to their own careers. There is a good deal of internal promotion opportunities and if you get in the way you will be railroaded. That was my experience. Not necessarily that of all CBRE employees. Sometimes you get the cr*ppy end of the stick. However, I wouldn't let my experience color your opinion too much. Had circumstances been different (client and direct manager) I would likely still be there.And no, I do not have a victim mentality.
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TERRIBLE place to work!!!

Horrible compensation, treated unfairly, overworked and underpaid.. the list goes on. There is a complete lack of diversity and they only care about you if you are "at the top".
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This was not a good place to work. Hard to get promoted because management played favorites. More about who you know versus what you know. Someone with less experience could easily be promoted over you
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Mobile maintenance

You can do everything they request the way they wanted have excellent employee evaluations good relationships whit customers and vendor and can recibe a call informing that your account is closed your are fire
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Love the company and opportunity

From day one and current, I have been treated more than fair. I've received training, mutual respect and a sense of belonging. The management team is welcoming and there is so much potential growth within CBRE. I love my team and management team! I love the CBRE!
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Supportive team

I had a great working experience at CBRE. My manager was extremely supportive, interested in my career development. Her door was always open to discuss any concerns I may have had.
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Good work environment

I have been with the company almost a year now and I like my job and all my coworkers. The work is good and the pay is too. I have learned a lot (this my first industrial job). When the say “safety first “ they mean it.
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Contribution wasn’t valued

Expected to do a lot with very minimal training. Management and especially brokers treat individuals in this position as if they’re disposable. Contributions were not valued. Pay is decent, but should be increased as CSC’s are also expected to double as personal marketing staff for the brokers they support.
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Terribly Political

The benefits were decent, about as good as any place these days, and the pay was about average for the industry.It was, however, terribly political. Lots of framing people, setting them up for failure - all in the name of getting ahead. My career skyrocketed after leaving this place.
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Good company to work for

Good company to work for. Excellent hours. Great benefits. Work from home . Great team interaction. Business hours . Upper management is very remote and difficult to get in contact with. Great RRSP match.
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The account I worked for was very fast pace and the people where someone entitled, but I learned a lot and I could feed my family. I imagine a different account would be like working at different company
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Incompetent management

This position requires you to work in a 3.8 million sq. ft. warehouse. You will have no method of getting from one point to another in the warehouse ( other than walking), which is exhausting. Machine operators are mostly young adults, with no experience operating a machine. In fact, management does not even properly train their associates on how to operate their machine. The majority of your calls will be due to operator error, and operators purposely damaging equipment so they don't have to work. I could go on and on about the mismanagement of this facility, but if you are a Technician with many skills like myself, take my advice, and take your talents elsewhere.
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Good Company

Started as a new group so we were all working together. Able to learn all the Systems together, as we were all fairly new, Position was a remote position they sent all the necessary equipment.
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Account Dependant

I believe CBRE is a great company to work for, but it all depends on the account you are on. I often hear great things about other accounts, but the one I am on is very stressful and toxic.
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Ambiente de trabajo tenso

Mi peor experiencia en el ámbito laboral, no aprendí nada técnico solo aprendí que es el maltrato laboral




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Provide great services, but being employed there is not the best

Salaries are not great. Management structure changed to integrate operational departments vertically, which could make you feel disconnected from your brokerage team.Lots of awful personalities to deal with if you're in Investment sales side.
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Poor Management & bad coordination & No level of understanding

I had to go on an urgent funeral using my paid holidays and there was a lot of fuss about it and had to hear sort of tantrums & I was told that my availability was needed on that particular day. Upon my return after 2 week period I was just called to the office and straightforward fired on the Spot stating that my performance was poor, but my manager and me we never even had 121 meetings in order to discuss my progress. The Energy is bad and there's a lot of Office politics.
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Able to transfer to another account

If u can get on an account, where u are left to fix and repair equipment, but they are subbing everything out, but management thinks they know everything
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Leader di mercato

Prospettive di crescita interessanti soprattutto per i team più in espansione. Equilibrio vita lavoro valido.Stipendi in linea con la media e aumenti regolari e sostanziosi in caso di top-performer
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