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It’s ok but not top tier

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I was surprised that the company is so old fashioned. I didn’t feel I was surrounded by top tier talent, it could be a strange place to work sometimes.
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Fast-paced workplace with tons of opportunities.

Constant learning and smart colleagues. Would recommend working for this company to anyone who can handle a fast paced workplace and is seeking that environment.
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Great company

Great company overall. The people here are extremly smart and professional and you can learn tons of things from them. The work is kind of repetitive tho.
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Very stressful place to work. They seem to fire people weekly there for both employees and contractors. It is a fast paced environment and you will always be on your edge. If you are on your game and can handle it you will enjoy the up-to-date technology, office furniture and free snacks in the kitchen. You will have to dress in that expensive suit you had stuffed in your closet. Casual Fridays means you dress in your least expensive suit.


Nice office


Job security
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efficient and peace working environment

Brookfield, it is an amazing place to work. You get to work with a group of energetic, polite and incredibly smart individuals. Good people and willing to help.
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Overall positive experience

Brookfield is one of the biggest and most competitive leaders in the industry. If you are ambitious and are willing to work long hours under stressful environment, you are likely to do well in this company.
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Fast paced and collaborative environment for a fast growing company

Handling requests for review of Legal documents from sourcing standpoint, coordinating discussion on key terms of interest. Preparing documents and coordinating meetings for RFP events. Researching suppliers in the market.
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Great place for experience

The typical day at Brookfield as an EA was exciting. You get to work with a group of energetic, young and incredibly smart individuals. My tenure was short at brookfield but I learned alot my year being there.
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My supervisor was very unprofessional. No management skills did not know how to manage her team.

Very unsatisfied with the job, absolutely no training or knowledge transfer was done. All that supervisor said was it's my expectation from you to know the job with no training or prior knowledge about the system that was mentioned at the time of interview.
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Great Workplace Culture

Your day to day is very busy but the culture of the firm is great. Management cares about the team, willing to help and also have company sponsored events for all those long hours. You learn a ton but never feel too overwhelmed. One of my favorite places to work.
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Great place to work

Brookfield manages investments and assets worth $270 Billion in the following areas; Property, Renewable energy Infrastructure and Private Equity. Lot of Investment on transformation to Digital.
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Non-hierarchical and open work culture

Brookfield Singapore office is set up primarily for 1) fund raising activities in Asia Pacific region and 2) fund management activities for Asia investments. It a good working atmosphere that is open and transparent. However, if someone is looking to do direct deals, regional offices in India, China, Korea and Japan pack more action.
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Good place, good work incentives

Good environment, lean work, sometimes, it can get intense around month end Good people and willing to help. Good social outings paid by the company.
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Great for Advancement

If they see potential in you, you will grow in their company. Have grown from being a temp to a full-time employee that has grown in more than one department.
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Great Benefits, Very Conservative Company Culture

Great benefits from day one. Very conservative company culture. Room for advancement. Global company. Growing every year. Great CEO. Amazing location.
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Horrible toxic environment - no work life balance!

The company is great. But my specific experience is a horror story.I worked on contract and my manager was rude and treated me as if I was her servant. I was very new, yet highlighted every mistakes, micromanaged and questioned intensely on my mistakes. I bore up with patience and professionalism till I could take it no more. She made me feel so depressed and I lost my self worth working there. Made me feel stupid and useless but I know I am not!! as I had a great work record previously. The toxic environment, lack of work life balance and mutual respect took a toll on my mental and physical health in just 3 months and hence decided to resign in order to keep my sanity.
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Management is very cut throat will constantly throw you under the bus

Management is very cut throat, if they don't like you they will look for a reason to fire you. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company, it a pressure cooker.


Veru nice view from the office


Uncaring management, you are just an expense on company's books
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Long hours, low wages

Worked for BUUK for 3 years, the job is good, money was not enougth to live where i was, had to realocated, No support for reallocation, No appreciation or consideration. Management even told me ( you are not unique ) after doing 113hours on overtime on that month. They have plenty money and really good tools, long hours of work, low wages, low appreciation.


Good tools, good coleagues


Wages, appreciation, carrer opportunity
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Worst Culture

Don't work here. The culture is awful and the politics of a 100+ year old company shine through. There's no saving this culture.\ You probably won't get paid as well anywhere else, but it's not worth your sanity.
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Dynamic work environment

Fast paced environment at a growing business where you get to work with sophisticated professionals on interesting matters. Great compensation and benefit packages.
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potential if you belong to right clique

Management doesn't communicate well and constantly in a mindset of hurry up and wait, frustrating to be sitting in the office on a Friday night waiting for feedback that they have been sitting on for 2 weeks and now we have to hope we have enough time to actually check final revisions before we release......


has potential and pays decently


long hours, poor management and communication
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