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Everyday at ARK brings new challenges and new opportunities to think new and do better with regular sales campaigns, constant redecorating of the store, customer service and sales and the need to keep up with everything new within the literary world.

ARK has a very good work morale and they put employee satisfaction very high on their agenda.

The most difficult parts of my job was being a full-time manager + a full-time sales assistant having to fit a 200% job into a 100% position. Because of this I had little to no breaks during the day and worked a lot of overtime.

But I loved my job and the most enjoyable parts of it was planning everyday, constantly competing with last years numbers, and being free to order in and sell the books and products I believed in and that came from popular demands, rather than just have the same products as everyone else. All this and of course I Loved being the leader of a fantastic team who were hard working and worked really well together.
good benefits, great work environment
long hours, little to no break
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