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This is a good job to work if the company is good as well

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I have to say that it is not a bad job unless your company is big enough to give u more hours and more work. Unfortunately I found myself in a new company with no full time or over time and am still stuck in part time. This would be fine if I was not in need of more income. Over all its still really good just not my company GSI in particular.


Decent begin and end times


Not enough hours for some companys
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The worst place to work at

The management team is one of the worst I have ever worked with they are managers when they want and will never be there for when you need them and they have their favourite people and you will get nowhere with this company because they limit what do if you not their favourite, and good luck if you can get your benefits in year where you should get after 6 months.
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Horrible experience

Missing paychecks and understaffed shifts are what ATS is sadly about. Constant issues with staffing an pay make it hard to keep working with ATS.
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Terrible pay terrible management

This is probably the worst company I’ve ever worked for. They are hiring part time but giving full time hours so that they don’t have to give full time benefits. When it comes to the schedule expect 5 more versions of it to come out after it’s posted because they don’t know how to schedule people at all. The pay is definitely not worth it at all and they make you work outside of your availability and they guilt you if you say no. If you accept a part time position expect to work way more than 40 hours a week.
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Was a fun workplace when Rey & Taty was in charge

Loved all the employees and our managers we USED to work with had lots of fun until new management came in and all of us just left. Wouldn’t mind still coming back if management changes. It’s a mess
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Fun place to work. You get to meet lots of new people

Had fun working with the airline. I only worked with one but my coworkers were very friendly and inclusive. Very fun work. You get to meet lots of different people. The hours were easy, and lots of opportunity to move around in the job.
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USA company that doesn’t care about their Canadian stations. The managers in charge don’t care about any of their staff. You can work there 1 day or 40 years and they will treat you the same. People quit because of them and no other reason. Don’t waste your time working here.




Corporate and local managers
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They want you you to work after hours while not on the clock

Very hostile work environment manager would try to make work life harder for no apparent reason. Examples would not allow parking permit and make me park where ever I can find parking. Wanted to take A/C out of office in 110 degree weather. Ect. The list goes on. Long story short is ok if your in a bind but would not recommend long term in that environment.
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Safety last

A training program condensed into just over four days of classroom and swiftly followed up with less than a day handling equipment before being sent on to live flightsIt's nothing short of a miracle more people haven't been seriously injuredYou can move up super quick though, thanks to high turnoverAs far as culture, there are some amazing people that work there, while others are lazy and greedy, making everyone else's life harder
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very physical, stressful at times

physically demanding, working outside all the time so be prepared for the weather. There will be days you will have no breaks and some days it just slower then the others. Advancement is quick and fast as long as you are willing to learn and take a leap of fate. The crew i work with is understanding, if you are physically drain they will try their best to help you with the work. I cant say for everyone as their are lazy people within the company. One of the main things about working here is a lot of people call in sick and that usually screws up with the scheduling, puts a lot of stress to people who are honest and reliable. If management can fix that, it will be a good place to work.
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Great first job, poor growth potential

I worked there a number of years ago and it was a great first job. Pay was minimal but for someone out of high school it was nice to have some cash. I wanted to try and advance through the ranks and was even getting trained for more responsibility too but then I was let go for “taking too many days off”. I was on a vacation that has been approved by my lower manager but then upper management came in and said it was too many days. After I got let go the proceeded to let go half the crew I worked with. Kinda shady but I learned a lot there and it was fun while it lasted.
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great opportunity if you want flexible schedule

Management is great, very supportive. If you love working with different type of people from different cultures that is the job for you. Yes overall a very pleasant exp.


great management


not enough hours
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Do not apply here unless you don't want any free time

Most days are busy, and non-stop. Which results in your normally scheduled 8 hour shift into a very long, stressful 12+ hour shift with NO BREAKS. It's INHUMANE. Management forces you to stay for mandatory overtime because the company is so short staffed...and the supervisors are so lazy and can't get off their computer while watching videos to go help, but instead they force us to stay...WITH NO BREAKS. The job itself is straightforward, but very physically demanding, with very little pay. It's not worth it. Especially working 12+ hours with no breaks. Save yourself and DO NOT APPLY!!!
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Was aproductive, i gained experience in my Job and interacting with different people from all parts of the world.

I gained experience as a painter. Such as working at hieght, working on a hush weather, mixing paint, wall paper hanging, and communicating skills.


Free lunch, transportation and accommodation was also free


We usually had health and safety talk . On Wednesday we could assemble and hav
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Management is very unprofessional and not helpful

Very stressful and hostile work environment with little to no help from HR or management. Managers are rude, incompetent and don’t offer any support. You’ll be working extra hours and little to no benefits or appreciation.
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Fast paced environment, but underpaid

Micromanaging the daylights out of their employees. The hours vary too much you either get slammed and get overtime or your hours get cut and you only get 20. It’s a solid in between job, but management will drive you up a wall
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Some days are better than others

Most days there's a nice balance of down time and labor. Though some days can be pretty draining with back to back flights, mainly depends on who your working with and when the weather sucks the job sucks.
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Working environment is poor

Dirty office and no place for staff take a rest between flights . No coffee / tea for staff . They have to go out and line up for coffee everyday (spend half an hour for a coffee) Wages are not competitive, too much work load for the entry level staff . A lot of new workers and make your jobs very difficult. Not much support from your senior . Staff turn over are surprising high and the management did not do anything to create sense of belongings. No culture and company mission , management did not care about staff .
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Need to be a fast learner

I love doing my job. You need to be a fast learner and know how to make things work. I was drained from dealing with passengers with no help or little help from the management. But my coworkers are there to help out whenever. There is no perfect company out there, just hope they improve the management and train employees the right way. Overall if you love helping customers and enjoyed being active at work this is for you.
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Fast paced service jobs in exciting environment

Jobs are in a fast paced environment and you have to hit the ground running. Plenty of opportunity to get ahead if you show up and get the job done. Great working at the airport.
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Good company

My best working experience in Canada. I just suggest them to supply uniforms in the better and more efficient way.
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