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Aibel - Fun, challenging, poorly paid

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First, I want to say, Aibel is a place where you really learn your field. People are friendly, the company is supportive and you will always enjoy your time here is you are a normal centered person. The leadership is strong. The only thing I REALLY miss with Aibel is compensation that is on par with the rest of the country. I would easily estimate that we are 20-30% below others in our field in salary/compensation.
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Good environment, bad management

They have good projects, and the work environment is good. Management does not know the basics of project management, and communication, but the technical leads are OK.
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Creative working environment.

- Working day is variable with many complex and different projects. - I have gained extensive Design experience while working in Aibel AS for the past 5 years. - Management in Aibel AS is quite simple. As its very easy to contact the leaders even if they have superior position. - Colleagues are very helpful and exchanges both ideas and experience with each others. - Difficult part of job is site survey in bad weather conditions. - Best part of working in AIbel AS is experience exchange, personality development, variable projects and challenging daily routines.


Everybody eat lunch together almost daily which i think is very positive to increase social network.


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