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El ambiente de trabajo trabajo es relajado y colaborativo. El horario laboral es flexible, siempre y cuando se cumpla con la jornada de 7,5 horas diarias. Trabajaba asignado por una empresa de asignación de personal, y el salario siempre fue satisfactorio.


Posibilidades de trabajar desde la casa.


La desventaja no fue la empresa, sino el lugar donde estaba ubicada. Era un poco aburriod para mi gusto.

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Aibel is an engineering company that plans, builds, upgrades and maintains platforms, vessels and production facilities in the oil and gas industry.

Aibel is one of the largest oil service companies in Norway and is established within renewable energy. The company has several thousand employees and operations in several countries, including world-class fabrication yards.
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Friendly working environment and open to constructive discussion

Aibel has a very relaxed and friendly working environment. There is high sense of responsibility, values, flexibility and openness at all organizational level. In Aibel, we are trained to be trustworthy and reliable, result-oriented and keep our promises. We have good working attitude to ourselves and our customers based on mutual trust and respect. I think the hardest part of our job is when we have limited time to complete our project due to some changes from Client. However, I enjoy it because it provokes the best in me and make me to think on the go. Also because I don't like to delay the work, I always plan to finish ahead of time immediately after the project kick off meeting. I enjoy my work as a process engineer; the times we spend in planning a project, technical meetings, process calculations and analysis.


Free fruits 2 times a week.
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Aibel - Fun, challenging, poorly paid

First, I want to say, Aibel is a place where you really learn your field. People are friendly, the company is supportive and you will always enjoy your time here is you are a normal centered person. The leadership is strong. The only thing I REALLY miss with Aibel is compensation that is on par with the rest of the country. I would easily estimate that we are 20-30% below others in our field in salary/compensation.
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Still et spørsmål om å jobbe eller intervjue hos Aibel. Nettverket vårt er klar til å svare.Still et spørsmål


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