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  • The Equinor CSIRT team is looking for a new Incident Responder.
  • As a CSIRT member your main tasks will be:
  • Develop and execute mitigation and remediation plans…
  • Design and build modern data pipelines, solutions and software.
  • Making data available through the movement, combining, transforming and exposing of data…
  • Assess and communicate information security risk.
  • Facilitate information security risk assessments.
  • Participate in holistic security risk assessments.
  • At Equinor you’ll play a critical role in one of our application teams, helping to develop the systems that run our business.
  • Not just a job: a career.
  • We are looking for experienced software developers to help us build solid software infrastructure and tools for scientific computing solving complex problems.
  • We are seeking both experienced and aspiring junior IT professionals who will be a part of agile cross-functional teams, working closely with business…
  • We are looking for people that are early in their career and that have a passion for software development.
  • If you have a master's degree or PhD in informatics,…
  • Be a part of a competence team that handles architecture and design of Linux infrastructure.
  • Continuously improve Equinor’s IT infrastructure and cyber security…
  • You will join cross functional teams of professionals working together with customers to deliver solutions that add value to the business.

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